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The vast majority of my fic is gen, but I have a few entries in other categories: a novel-length Dean/Cas series, a het fic, and a few SPN crossover fics. I don't write anything more graphic than R, and virtually all my gen fics are PG or PG-13. I hope you find something you will enjoy! I've grouped my gen fics in such a way that it will hopefully be easier to find something you'd like to read ....

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The future of lj?

So ... how are people feeling about this whole lj-servers-moving-to-Russia thing? I saw on the home page a lot of people were afraid lj would abruptly shut down without warning. Just in case that does happen, I made a dreamwidth account--brightly_lit, same as here--where I'd love to hook up again with you ladies if you make the switch, as well.

I started with lj (under a different name) way back in its heyday in the early part of the millenium. I remember reading in the TOS that your posts and comments would be saved on lj's servers "forever," and I thought, "How cool, to have this thing for posterity when that's so rare. I wonder how they can promise that? But oh well, I guess they wouldn't say it if it wasn't true." Then they sold the company, again and again, and of course it ended up being just words, another tome created and ultimately perhaps lost to time, but if this is the end, it sure was great while it lasted. And I think dreamwidth has a lot of potential (even if for some reason it seems to lack much interaction between users).

I guess personally I think it seems unlikely they'll shut us down without warning, but it seems likely that lj might change a lot, maybe not for the better. Better to be safe than sorry in terms of coming up with a backup plan, in any case, is my opinion. Also, apparently it's quite easy to transfer your whole lj to dreamwidth if you're so inclined. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the whole business. I saw it discussed at length on the home page, but I don't think a single person on my friends page mentioned it, so it sounds like none of my friends here, at least are worried, so that's good.

Jared and Zachary Levi

Lookity lookit! RWBY is one of the shows I'm currently watching at movie night! (That's what Zachary's, er ... onesie says, and Rooster Teeth is the production company.) I highly recommend the show--the music is fantastic and it's populated almost entirely by badass female characters. Interesting animation style, as well. Awesome that Jared did this! ... but why isn't Jared wearing a onesie, too?

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I love grapes

I've had the good fortune and pleasure of getting to listen to Queen (and singing along with gusto, naturally) while driving lately, as it finally occurred to us to order their best-of 3-CD collection. A friend gave me a tape of the original best-of collection in high school, and we listened to that thing every damn day on the way to and from school. It made everyone in the car happy ... then and now. The 25th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death just passed. Freddie, thanks for everything you were and everything you gave to us.

What are y'all's Thanksgiving plans?

Fic: Revelation

Title: Revelation
Author: brightly_lit
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,200
Characters: Sam, Dean, Mary, [I would like to keep this one a surprise as you read along, but it is here if you want it]Lucifer, original hunter characters
Genre: gen, hurt/comfort, intense angst, some humor, heroism, badassery, family feels, the consequences of growing up without a mother, hunter gathering
Summary: It's a good thing Mary hasn't asked her sons much about what they've been up to while she was dead, because they'd just as soon she didn't know about most of it, especially Sam. Maybe she wouldn't want anything to do with him anymore, if she knew. Unfortunately, it's no longer his choice.

"Sam really didn't want their mom to know Sam had been some kind of freak who had visions and was the devil's chosen vessel, that they'd both spent a great deal of time in hell .... Looking back, there was very little to go on the list of 'things you want to tell your long-lost mother about.'"

Spoilers through 12.6.

I LOVE S12. I've often felt inspired to write fic, watching this season, but never so much as watching 12.6, which included or hinted at things I've always wanted to see in canon: mainly, for Sam and Dean to finally get some of their due from other hunters for all their amazing accomplishments, and for Mary to get to know about them too, so this fic is putting all of that that I wanted to see into a story, plus more. I hope you like!

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My review of 12.5: the first miss of S12.Collapse )

But as for good SPN-related shows, have y'all seen the first two episodes of Kings of Con yet?? HILARIOUS. I'd love to hear what you thought of them, if you've seen them.

Relax, it's only a movie

Ahh, yes. The perfect time has arrived to use my "relax it's only a movie" tag. I'll use it for all reality-based posts for a while, I imagine.

High school for me was very stressful. Very, incredibly, health-damagingly stressful. Not just high school, but home, activities, friends; every single aspect of my life--stressful and, frankly, terrifying.

Like many other high-schoolers, I collected buttons for a while, mostly to display on my purse. Some of them were for bands I loved and such, but as soon as I found the "relax, it's only a movie" button, I knew I had to buy it. It reminded me that life is an illusion ... or at least that it'll be over someday, and that helped get me through the toughest times.

So remember ....

Magic Farm

I am super crazy good at a video game no one's ever heard of, that isn't even available anymore (at least, the version I play). In the credits, the game's makers thank their beta testers, including one "who won the game in an amazing 75 (game-play) days!" I've gotten to the point where it's an off day if I do it in over 74 days (fewer days is better), and I've done it in as few as 72.

It's called Magic Farm. You grow and harvest flowers and make bouquets to make money and travel in an effort to find your lost parents. You get shipwrecked and have dealings with a pirate, in addition to many other more benevolent characters. It was free when I got it. It was never popular; now my version has disappeared from the internet (along with a disappointing number of other awesome games, including Tip Top and Cosmic Switch).

I have games I paid a pretty penny for, but damn if Magic Farm isn't the one I'll always come back to. MAGIC FARM. But as with everything else I bothered to get really good at, MY SKILL MEANS NOTHING, NOTHING! There's no glory in this world for magic farmers! Alas. But LET IT BE KNOWN I WON THE GAME IN 72 DAYS!!!! (Hears voice echoing back, then crickets.)

If you're a gamer, what's your favorite unpopular game?


Here is a video of Misha explaining why he was going to be late to Burcon. (He had to park his car and walk because he knew he wasn't going to be able to get there any other way!) This is a very cool video for many reasons--for me it's amazing to see 1) the number of protesters, and 2) all these people run up, give Misha a hug and a kind word and then run off again, and see how he responds.

s_c took a turn through our complex the other day and was called over to chat by a black guy ("People call me Q," he told her) and a white guy working on a car together. Q asked how she was doing; she said she was doing the best she could in light of the election. Both of the guys agreed it was terrible. Q asked her if she'd been downtown to see the protests. She said she hadn't. "I'm a person of color," Q told her, "but there are more people of your color there protesting!"

So maybe at least all this has accomplished that much: I've seen many people of color saying how deeply they're touched by how many white people are standing up for them. As a woman, too, to see how many people denounce the orange Voldemort (as a friend has dubbed him) based on his misogyny and racism ... our country really WAS divided, and is still, in one way, but in another, it's bringing people together. And I'm seeing way more people on opposite sides actually talking to each other--talking and listening. Maybe good can come of all this. Let's hope! Love to you all. <3

Fic: Consequences

Title: Consequences
Author: brightly_lit
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,200
Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas, OCs
Genre: gen, humor, kids, fluff, bunker
Summary: Soulless Sam got around quite a bit, and never faced a consequence ... until now.

I think we can all use something to make us smile this week ....

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